About Us


Ironclad Writing offers comprehensive copy editing, professional proofreading, and more, all at competitive prices.


Need something written? Ironclad’s content writing services have that covered, too. Blog posts, articles, reviews, web content; we can write pretty well anything you need in a pinch.

Long-Term Writing Solutions

Can’t find time to pump out new blog posts for your site every month? Let Ironclad take care of that! Check out our subscription-based content writing solutions.

Tabletop / Board Games

Ironclad specializes in editing and writing for tabletop / board games, working with you to make your game intuitive, seamless, and immersive.

Ironclad Writing is a Canadian company established in 2019 to provide top-notch English language editing and content writing services to clients worldwide.


After almost a decade of practicing law, founder Mark Butt realized he was at his happiest when he was writing and editing — briefs, contracts, legislation, research memos — and switched gears to follow that passion. Combining his love of the written word with his deep fascination for games, Ironclad Writing is all about helping people connect, through language, and through games.

If you’re a game designer or publisher, you’re in the right place. Games are one of the most powerful ways to bring people together, and that’s why Ironclad is proud of its special focus on tabletop / board games, working with game developers and publishers to deliver a perfectly polished experience to their players.