Ironclad Writing is a Canadian company established in 2019 to provide top-notch English language editing and content writing services to clients worldwide. See our About Us page for more!

We offer editing services as well as customizable content writing services. We have a special focus on tabletop games: rulebooks, in-game content, and more!

We work with game designers and publishers to help them produce high-quality tabletop games. That means:
  • Crafting or tweaking a game’s rulebook such that it’s an ideal guide for new and returning players alike
  • Combing through the entirety of a game’s text to find and fix any immersion-breaking errors or ambiguous rule wordings
  • Producing any kind of written content needed for a game, both inside and outside the box
  • Customized services based on the needs of the designer, the publisher, or the game!

Ironclad Writing provides services that are tailored to each individual client’s needs, and so are our prices. Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to provide a free quote (with no obligations!) that will meet your needs.


Primarily, we offer copy editing and proofreading services — checking for correct spelling and grammar, consistency throughout a document, and accurate content — as well as more in-depth structural and stylistic editing where it’s needed. If you want to know more, check out our editing services page!

Copy editing is what most people think of as “editing” — correcting spelling, grammar, and punctuation issues — but it’s so much more! Copy editors check for consistency issues (ensuring a character’s name doesn’t go from “Joe Smith” in one chapter, to “John Smith” later), completeness (making sure there isn’t any content missing), and accuracy (ensuring information presented is as accurate as possible).

Proofreading sounds like it’s just “reading something over”, but it’s actually a specific type of editing that takes place near the end of the publication process. Proofreaders review material that is ready to print, to make sure that there aren’t any minor, easily fixable errors (spelling, punctuation), or document design issues (text that is cut off, incorrect fonts) that can be fixed before printing.
Structural, or substantive editing is all about organization. A structural edit involves rearranging material, removing unnecessary material, or even adding new material, all to help the final product make sense to the end reader. A structural edit might also include making requests for permission to use copyrighted materials.
Stylistic editing is more than just looking good while you edit. An editor will determine the intended meaning, audience, and tone of a piece of writing, and then making sure the final product fulfills that intent. A stylistic editing pass will review things like language level and sentence / paragraph length, jargon, and clichés, all while ensuring the writer’s voice is still maintained.


Basically, if you need something written for your webpage or your company, Ironclad can take care of it. This includes things like SEO-boosted blog posts and website copy, marketing materials, media reviews, and more! Head over to our content writing services page for more information.

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”: increasing a website’s traffic by making that online content more detectable by search engines (Google, Bing). Our content writing services deliver content that takes full advantage of what SEO can offer.