Editing for Tabletop / Board Games

Ironclad Writing​ understands the importance of the written word in your games, whether it’s a rulebook that serves as your board game’s perfect teacher, or an interactive narrative that engages and immerses its players. Clean, clear, and concise writing connects players with games.


Our focus on ​editing for tabletop and board games will help bring your game’s player experience to the next level.

What can Ironclad Writing can do for your game?

Ironclad Writing works with you — whether a game designer or publisher — to craft and perfect your game’s text, starting with the single most important element of any game: the rulebook.


The rulebook is your game’s first impression. You can’t be there yourself to teach the game; your rulebook is the first point of contact you’ll have with your players, and you need to make it count.


Copy editing and proofreading are essential for rulebooks, in order to ensure your players don’t trip over typos, grammatical mistakes, or rule inconsistencies when trying to learn or play your game. An editor will go through every bit of your game’s text — not just the rules! — to make it clear, sharp, and immersive.


Ironclad Writing also offers structural and stylistic editing to make sure your game is easy to navigate and understand, regardless of experience level.

Why do you need Ironclad Writing?

It’s tempting for game designers to write and edit their own rules and in-game text. After all, they’re the ones who know their game the best. But that deep connection with the game makes it difficult to view it from the perspective of someone who has never played it. That’s where Ironclad comes in.


An editor with experience, a fresh eye, and a deep love for games will playtest your game, and work with you to ensure every bit of text lends itself towards creating a fantastic and immersive experience for players.

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